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Laser leveling (Steel fiber) concrete floor

Ground floor, film curing, cast-in-place concrete floor, reinforced bar
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Save labor, safe and high construction efficiency(3000-5000 square meters/day with large telescopic arm laser leveling machine; 1000-2000 square meters/day with small laser leveling machine)

Flatness and levelness


Typically used in

-Warehouses and workshops

-large logistics warehouse

-Commercial and retail areas 

-transportation hubs

- Floors with high flatness requirements 


Application Instruction

Choose laser leveling machine according to the thickness of concrete,space height and reinforced bars

Use large laser leveling machine: After the concrete is discharged in the direct unloading mode, the telescopic arm type laser leveler is used to construct from the left to the right. The wearable floor surface layer can be directly used with the automatic cloth distributing machine to implement the mechanical spreading material.

Use small laser leveling machine: clean base layer, measure and determine the drainage direction and position, sprinkled with water on the cleaned base layer one day in advance, slurry bonding layer or interface agent 1 hour before the concrete is poured. A small model of telescopic laser leveler can also be used to improve construction efficiency and flatness when the height of the underground garage is suitable.

For one-shot molding and metal Dirk board construction projects,construction should be carried out with small laser leveling machines with light weight. For integrally formed pouring slabs, the concrete beam should be filled with concrete before pumping, and then the concrete material should be pumped uniformly to the finished surface according to the construction speed, and then leveled by a small laser leveling machine. The machine travel direction is perpendicular to the surface reinforcement. For metal Dirk board, the concrete is pumped evenly above the finished surface, and then flattened in a vertical direction along the metal Dirk plate using a small laser leveler.

Determine the brand and amount of steel fiber if reinforced concrete used


Working theory 

The laser leveling machine is a special equipment for floor paving,leveling and vibrating. Its leveling head is composed of scrape,spiral and vibrating plate and can be connected to a computer laser control system to precisely control the floor elevation.

Principle of operation: Set the laser to the required height and adjust the height of the handheld receiver pole accordingly, transfer the measured value directly to the laser leveling head so that the height position can be ensured during operation.

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