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Color skid resistance

Using two-component modified epoxy resin material and superhard ceramic aggregate
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Using two-component modified epoxy resin material and superhard ceramic aggregate, the surface is flat and beautiful with bright colors; wear-resistant, moisture-proof and easy to clean; adding superhard ceramic aggregate, the surface has fine roughness; using solvent-free system, the environmental protection performance is good, and the corrosion resistance is good. It has the advantages of wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance and long service life. It has good weather resistance, does not fade or change color.


Typically used in

It is applicable to the areas where speed reduction is required, such as toll stations, curves and tunnels, urban pedestrian roads, hiking trails, zebra crossings, garage ramps, garden roads, urban square paths, riverside landscape roads, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, park paths and other places in high-end residential areas.


Application Instruction

1. Cleaning of concrete base course; for example, asphalt foundation, construction can only be carried out after one week of maintenance;

2. Repair cracks, potholes and depressions;

3. Construction of adhesive primer layer (concrete ground can be painted directly, and asphalt pavement can be painted with water-based primer plus quartz powder before construction of adhesive primer);

4. The two-component modified epoxy resin adhesive is stirred evenly, scraped and applied on the cured primer, and the ceramic particles are sprinkled at the same time;

5. Clean the floating sand and wash the surface with high pressure water gun;

6. Spray one coat of waterborne polyurethane finish (optional)

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