In 1999, Tsure floor sailed, twenty-years of hard work even now! Twenty years of down-to-earth hard working, Tsure floor rooted in the land of Yanzhao and famed China! As for Tsure peoson, we are brave, innovation and aggressive. No matter how times change, we are closely following the pulse of the times, focusing on the floor and going forward, we will cast a miracle in the development of the floor industry.

With superb professionalism and persistence as the core of development, we achieved remarkable results. We own the second-class qualification for decoration issued by the Ministry of Construction and the Grade A qualification of the China Building Materials Federation Flooring Industry Branch. In additional, we’re the president of Hebei Province Flooring Industry Association and top ten brands in China Flooring Industry, the top 20 Chinese flooring brands and the top 20 construction projects for six consecutive years, In 2010, our company obtained the three-standard system certification for quality, environment and occupational health and safety. What’s more, we invest millions of innovative R&D funds each year and have more than 20 invention patents in floor technology and product, also, we’re participated in the drafting and formulation of a number of flooring standards. We thrive in demanding environments, high performance flooring is our specialty.

Company Establishment

Pass Three Standard System Certification

More Than 50 Qualities

5000t / A

With a full range of floor solutions, we’re confident that we can find a system that’s right for you. Our flooring products cover more than ten series of both organic and inorganic with 50 varieties. We have a standardized production workshop, two production lines with an annual output of 50,000 tons of fully automatic wear-resistant floor materials; two production lines with an annual output of 5,000 tons of shear-type resin coatings, equipped with computerized color system, fully automatic grinding and dispersion system. Beyond simply providing specialty products, Tsure is a true partner, bringing its deep application and technical expertise to projects, while addressing customer needs for better,smarter and more sustainable solutions.



Never compromise on every inch of flooring system

Tsure Floor-Make the building floor more glorious



Dedication-Dedication is our full commitment to the flooring industry.



Dedicated to each product and every process.


focous Focus

We’ve been focused on the flooring industry for over 20 years and provide customers with high quality products.


Corporate Values

People-oriented, customer first, rigorous and standard, pragmatic and efficient, courageous and innovative

People-oriented, Customer First, Rigorous And Standard, Pragmatic And Efficient, Courageous And Innovative

Our flooring systems have been developed for a wide range of markets including transportation manufacturing,healthcare,education,retail,commercial and administrative. And of course,each of these markets have specific requirements in terms traffic,chemical resistance, temperature,waterproof,etc.

“Customer First” is our mantra from corporate to R&D to the technicians out in the field. Our flooring specialists are located in every region of the country to provide assistance before,during and after each floor installation ensuring that the entire process goes flawlessly. Innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing are our developing philosophy, “Building the first brand of China’s flooring industry” is our resolution. At Tsure, we spend unlimited hours,months,even years on a floor system,not stopping until we know it’s the best it can be. Looking forward to the future, we thrive in demanding environment and creating a green ecological floor.