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Epoxy grind stone Floor

Coatings,grindstone aggregate mortar, primer, concrete floor

Key words:

Product Description


An anti-yellow two component solvent-free epoxy resin system

Matched with various colored aggregates, glass aggregates and shell aggregates.

High solids, high hardness and good environmental performance.

Resistance to impact, abrasion, scratch, corrosion and slip

Highly artistic and decorative



Typically used in:

-Transportation areas, residential parking lots, 

-Commercial and public buildings


-satellite and aerospace manufacturing areas

-hospitals and operating rooms,

-restaurants and hotels,



Application Instruction

Milling and grinding to clean the concrete base layer, the surface strength is up to standard.

Paving non-bonded anti-crack mortar leveling layer overall

Laying a layer of flexible anti-cracking inhibiting membrane

Laying a layer of rigid anti-cracking fiber cloth

Apply one or two times with solvent-free epoxy primer

Position the payout accordingly, fixed the split strip firmly.

Spread a solvent-free epoxy grindstone according to the design thickness and height. After adding the anti-yellowing solvent-free epoxy resin main agent to the supporting curing agent and stirring evenly, add the selected specifications and color aggregates with proportion, stir again evenly, spread on the closed primer and troweling. Note that if there is a pattern, spread the color according to the positioned pattern.

After complete curing, the process of toughening coarse grinding, replenishing, sealing, fine grinding and polishing is carried out.

Cover with grinding stone crystal. Apply with waterborne epoxy finish varnish or waterborne polyurethane overcoat lacquer finish

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