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Epoxy resin self-leveling floor

Epoxy self-leveling coat, epoxy putty, epoxy mortar, epoxy primer, concrete floor

Key words:

Product Description


High solid

Tough, smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean

Good resistance to impact, abrasion and aggressive chemicals.


Typically used in


-Food processing plants

-Warehouses and Storage areas

-Operating rooms and Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals process plants

-parking lots and office floor


Application Instruction

Base layer requirements: applied over relatively smooth concrete floors, the concrete strength reaches C25 mark, the surface drawing strength reaches 1.50Mpa, ≤6% moisture content on concrete substrate.

Base concrete grinding and cleaning; repairing cracks and potholes

Apply epoxy primer one to two times by scrape or roll

Scrape epoxy mortar one to two times, polishing and vacuuming

Scrape epoxy putty layer

Apply epoxy leveling by screed

Roll-on waterborne epoxy resin finish varnish or waterborne polyurethane finish varnish (optional)

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