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Anti-static epoxy self-leveling floor

Conductive layer, conductive primer, conductive copper platinum, epoxy mortar layer, epoxy primer

Key words:

Product Description


Excellent electrical conductivity, no attenuation 

Rapid discharge of electro-static

Provide great resistance to abrasion, scrub and chemical attack

Seamless, easy to clean and maintain.


Typically used in

- laboratories and chemical process plants

- operating room

- warehouses and storage areas

- electronics

- military and Aerospace


Application Instruction

Base layer requirements: applied over relatively smooth concrete floors, the concrete strength reaches C25 mark, the surface drawing strength reaches 1.50Mpa, no water on the floors.

Base concrete grinding and cleaning; repairing cracks and potholes

Apply penetrated epoxy primer one to two layers by scrape or roll

Scrape epoxy mortar one layer, polishing and vacuuming

Laying conductive grid

Scrape epoxy anti-static primer one layer

Screed anti-static epoxy self-leveling coating one layer

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