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Penetrating concrete sealer floor

Concrete sealer, based concrete, concrete floor+concrete sealer system

Key words:

Product Description


Excellent resistance to abrasion and oil penetration,

Protects new or old concrete from abuse, long service life

Fast curing reduce downtime

Water-based transparent liquid

Tough, smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean


Typically used in

- Industrial plants

-Logistics wearhouses

-Parking lots

-schools and universities 

-retail areas


Application Instruction

Use grinding machine with appropriate grinding discs (metal grinding discs or resin grinding discs), grind the floor and clean thoroughly;

Repair cracks, potholes and surface hollows

Repeat the first step

Spray concrete sealer on polished surface till fully absorbed

Spray concrete sealer again, fully absorbed and saturated

Clean excess material

Carefully grind the surface after thoroughly dry

Polish the ground with high-speed polisher, brightener or glaze solution can be added for better gloss

Clean the ground

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