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EPDM rubber track

Paint runway lines, broadcast with EPDM granules, elastic layer, waterproof primer, concrete base

Key words:


Product Description


Free of organic solvents and heavy metals

Non-toxic,odorless and non-polluting

High resistance to weathering,temperature and breakage, long service life;


Typically used in

Typically used in school sports fields and professional stadiums.


Application Instruction

Ground cleaning, cracks repairing and dust vacuuming.

Scratch polyurethane waterproof primer on concrete floor. As for sphalt floor, broadcast with quartz aggregate and cement and sealed with asphalt primer, use rake for smoothing.

Polyurethane mixed layer construction, broadcast with EPDM granules and sealed with solvent-free polyurethane, use rake for smoothing.

Spray solvent-free polyurethane orange-peel finish 2 to 3 times

Marking lines

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