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Carve out "a better life" -- let garage have temperature

Carve out "a better life" -- let garage have temperature

It's exquisite and exquisite. From the design, decoration and construction of the super large terrace, the "happy peacock city in China" overall fine decoration underground garage project presents perfectly! In addition, the great lakes project of happy peacock city in China, crafting "a better life" peacock city makes garage have temperature, has been included in the people's network. As the only manufacturer of peacock City garage floor project, chaoshuo floor sincerely feels honored and pays tribute to the quality of the project!
Peacock City Great Lake project is far from satisfied with the quality presentation of the house, and extends the spirit of excellence to the quality creation of the garage.
In order to build the "three most" garage with "the most beautiful, human and comfortable" in mind. From the early stage of planning to the end of construction, the great lakes project team of Huaxia happy peacock city inspected 15 cities and 46 excellent projects in China, and finally chose to sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with the most qualified and largest super large terrace in North China.
After hundreds of days of design and construction, countless experiments and grinding, as well as all-round, line-up, surface cleaning, clear identification and other high-standard requirements, the super strong flooring has realized the underground garage with exquisite technology, in place details, humanization and temperature.
"Design garage as designed house type" -- Humanized parking space
In order to create a better parking experience, the garage is designed with great ingenuity, not only public facilities and equipment avoid parking spaces, some parking spaces are enlarged (new drivers and luxury cars), but also temporary visitor parking spaces and disabled parking spaces;
"Every step of the wheel rolling, we have a clear idea" -- antiskid and noise reduction ground
In order to achieve the anti-skid and noise reduction effect of the ground required by the project, the new technology was innovated after repeated real vehicle tests to extract the beauty advantages of the epoxy floor and use the polyurethane covering technology to make up for the short board which is easy to slip.
Perfect experience without dead angle in all directions -- "epoxy floor + polyurethane" garage
Super strong flooring focuses on surpassing the flooring products themselves and starting to provide all-round coating services. The strict construction from every detail shows the first-class industry quality, which is not only an upgrade of the enterprise's own development, but also the mission of product process value.
Because there are super strong ground to pursue the ultimate perfect quality and developers' bold innovation and unlimited worship of quality, with careful cooperation, peacock city has both style and temperature of the perfect parking lot! Super strong floor -- we have been running in the pursuit of the ultimate road ~~
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