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Warmly celebrate the smooth progress of "China Zun" wear resistant flooring project!

Warmly celebrate the smooth progress of "China Zun" wear resistant flooring project!

Zhongguozun is a super high-rise building located in plot z15, CBD core area, Chaoyang District, Beijing. After completion, it will be the highest landmark building in Beijing.
The west side of the project is facing the highest building in Beijing, phase III of international trade, with a total height of 528 meters. It will be planned as the headquarters building of CITIC Group in the future. It was started on September 12, 2011, capped in July 2017, and put into full use in October 2018. It is invested by Beijing CITIC Heye Co., Ltd. and the total investment is expected to reach 24 billion yuan.
In addition, as the highest building in Beijing, "China respect" not only leads the height of Beijing Building, but also leads the high-end, environmental protection and advanced construction concept. Moreover, the design of low-carbon and environmental protection runs through all details of "China Zun", and specific plans will be made clear in the future architectural in-depth design to reduce energy consumption in various aspects such as ground, building, lighting, heat dissipation, heat preservation, water, waste treatment, ventilation, etc.
And among them indispensable Terrace Project, super strong terrace is also in progress! This purchase of super strong wear-resistant floor materials is the ultimate embodiment of our company's high quality and high environmental protection. We will use the most advanced production equipment, the best raw materials and the most passionate enthusiasm to add bricks and tiles to the highest project in Beijing. This is also in line with the company's philosophy of super strong flooring: specialized in flooring, and proficient in flooring.
Finally, if you choose the flooring materials, you will be super strong. This is the goal that we all strive for and the foundation that our customers can trust. Because: do floor we are more professional!
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