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Always adhere to technological innovation and keep forging ahead

Always adhere to technological innovation and keep forging ahead

Innovation refers to the behavior of improving or creating new things in a specific environment in line with the idealized needs or to meet the social needs, guided by the existing thinking mode to put forward opinions different from the conventional or ordinary people's ideas, and using the existing knowledge and materials, and obtaining certain beneficial effects.
Technological innovation refers to the innovation of production technology, including the development of new technologies or the application of existing technologies. Science is the source of technology and technology is the source of industry. Technological innovation is based on the discovery of scientific principles, while industrial innovation is mainly based on technological innovation.
Technological innovation is the core of national development strategy and the key to improve the comprehensive national strength. It can be seen that it is urgent to improve the ability and level of technological innovation in today's China. As an important embodiment of a country's international competitiveness, enterprises' attention to technological innovation will directly determine the development prospects of enterprises.
As a leading enterprise in the flooring industry in North China, chaoshuo flooring, under the guidance of national policies, carries out bold innovation from the reality, seizes market and technological opportunities, and constantly improves innovation ability. On the basis of continuously improving the quality of the original products, the company has increased its R & D efforts and made great efforts to explore new products and technologies.
This week, general manager Shi of the company led the factory director, technical backbone and other people to the Shanghai R & D base of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. in Germany to investigate and study the waterborne polyurethane products.
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